We are excited to announce the Mountaineering Heelers – a group of between 6 and 14 beginning climbers excited to learn the ropes through a series of lessons and events. We’ll have five events together early on in the first half of the semester focused on learning basic and intermediate climbing and technical skills while having a ton of fun. Each participant is expected to attend all five events, as they build skills sequentially.

Tentative Fall 2015 Schedule

Date Time Activity
September 16 4 – 6pm Heelers Kickoff
September 10 TBD Climbing Day 1
October 4 TBD Climbing Day 2
October 7 4 – 6pm Anchors Classroom
October 11 TBD Anchors on the Rocks

Become a Heeler

If interested in joining the Mountaineering Heelers, please fill out this signup form or contact Erik Shepard for more information.