Anyone may join the Hoofer Mountaineering Club, you don’t have to be a UW-Madison student!

To join you must first be a member of the Wisconsin Union. (If you are currently a student at UW-Madison, you are already a member of the Union.)  Union membership is open to all, and for more information please see the Wisconsin Union website.

A rolling annual membership in the Mountaineering Club is $30 for students and Union members, and a little bit more for faculty and staff.

Three Ways to Join:


Signup for the Hoofer Mountaineering Club and other Hoofers clubs and activities may be done online through the Hoofers Payment System. To sign up for a membership:
1 – Log in or sign up for an account
2 – Select your cart from the upper right-hand corner
3 – Click “Add a Membership”
4 – Select “Hoofer Mountaineering Club” and continue to checkout
5 – Save your receipt as proof of purchase

At Our Office

Alternatively, membership can be acquired in-person at the Outdoor Programs Office at the Memorial Union. The Office is located in the basement of the Union, with an entrance facing Lake Mendota on the Terrace, next to the sailing docks. Hours vary by season. For the most current information, visit the website of Outdoor UW.

During a Meeting

Finally, you can join Hoofer Mountaineering by simply joining us at one of our weekly meetings, held every Thursday at 7:30pm at the Mendota Lodge of Memorial Union. Bring a filled-out copy of the Membership Application and we will push it through for you!