Meetings occur every Thursday at 7:30pm in the Mendota Lodge of the Memorial Union. All current, potential, and past members are highly encouraged to attend. Meeting topics vary from week to week and may include trip planning, gear checkouts and returns, officer business, voting procedures, and trip reports. The agenda for each meeting is typically circulated via email before the meeting.

The Mendota Lodge is easily accessed by walking into the Memorial Union Outdoor UW space near the sailing docks on the terrace.


Information coming soon!


Information coming soon!


The Hoofer Mountaineering Club is a democratic organization where majority vote rules. An annually-elected board of officers serves as the primary structural body of the club by organizing events, leading club meetings, and acting as intermediaries between the club, Hoofer Council, and the Wisconsin Union.

All members are bound by the Hoofer Mountaineering Club Constitution, Hoofer Mountaineering Club By-Laws, and Wisconsin Hoofers Risk Agreement.