• bolt

    Bolt: Stout metal pin drilled in the rock of steep routes to provide permanent protection for climbers.

  • buttress

    Buttress: A rock formation that projects out from the line of a face.

  • dyno

    Dyno: Short for "dynamic"; a gymnastic upward leap for a distant hold.

  • free_solo

    Free Solo: To climb with no protective devices whatsoever, relying solely on strength, agility, technique and an ability to accept or ignore the consequences of long falls from high places.

  • basecamp

    Base Camp: The lowest, largest (and most luxurious) fixed camp on a major ascent.

  • chimney

    Chimney: A crack large enough to climb inside of.

  • boulder

    Boulder: To climb short, hard routes on low-lying rocks without protective gear.

  • crampon

    Crampons: Spiked metal devices which attach to climbing boots to provide purchase on ice and firm snow slopes.

  • face climbing

    Face Climbing: Ascending rock that is predominantly made up of finger pockets and thin edges.

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